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WARNING- Do Not Attempt DIY Asbestos Removal
Your Health and Your Family’s Health is at Risk!
Asbestos- best left to qualified professional specialists.

Our quality system and approach to the job separates us from the average asbestos removalists out there... That’s why we’re in the top 5% of our industry, and used by leading property refurbishment companies.

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Welcome to Xbestos Asbestos Removal Services

Xbestos Asbestos Removal Services is taking care of asbestos removal in Brisbane for more than 7 years. We are the licensed and qualified professionals in asbestos removal and asbestos testing and disposal. We are fully equipped and providing a wide range of asbestos removal services in residential, commercial and industrial properties.

Xbestos Asbestos Removal services have a team of qualified removalists committed to provide quality asbestos removal services according to your expecting needs. We have reputation for unrivalled services by providing responsible and safe services to our customers.

We provide all types of asbestos removal services in Brisbane. We offer a comprehensive set of asbestos removal services to our commercial and residential customers.

  • Site inspection
  • Asbestos material removal
  • Waste transport & disposal
  • Site decontamination
  • Clearance certificates

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What Clients Like About Us

  • HEPA Vacuum
  • Neat As A Pin
  • Safe Disposal
  • Spray Safe