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Industrial Asbestos removal is best done by professional licensed contractors.  You cannot put your workers at risk by handling asbestos in house as it requires licensed professionals to handle the dangerous product. Asbestos fibres and dust when inhaled pose a serious health hazard being carcinogenic (causing cancer) and industrial facilities owners are required to ensure the property is clear of asbestos containing materials.

Why Xbestos for Industrial Asbestos Removal?

Are you searching for best industrial asbestos removers in Scarborough, Brisbane? Xbestos is one of the leading industrial asbestos removal services operating in Scarborough. Our professional and fully licensed team have the proper equipment and crew to identify, assess, remove and dispose the asbestos containing material whether they are in the form of sheets, debris or dust. We also monitor the air to ensure that the premises are not contaminated by asbestos fibres and the facility is safe to use.

We will seal off the place so that the asbestos fibres are not spread all over and our specialised team have access to appropriate equipment and gear to secure and safely remove the asbestos. We are certified and qualified team in Scarborough, so you can rest easy that the job is being done by qualified people and the work will meet the Australian standards and code of practices for safe removal and disposal of asbestos.

At Xbestos, we remove all types of asbestos from your industrial facility such as pipes, vinyl floors, tiles, asbestos insulations and pipe lagging and other asbestos containing materials. We focus on quality and safety and our employees are fully trained professionals who comply with Work Safe legislative standards and OHS codes and regulations. Contact us at 0419 713 810 for free quote.

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